What Are The 3 Key Challenges To Overcome When Managing A Project?

by | Jun 7, 2022

It’s fair to say that whether you are someone just starting your career in the field of project management or have a lot of experience, you’ll agree projects by their very nature are dynamic, with no two ever alike. That said, there are ways to manage projects that both help to minimise issues, and in so doing help to achieve project success.

From talking with other project managers and my own experience there are many challenges that a project manager must overcome in order to reach that holy grail of on time, within budget and to quality to be successful. However, I have identified 3 key challenges that I believe must be overcome to help manage a project successfully. They are: 1. Poorly defined goals, 2. Lack of leadership and 3. Inadequate Communication.

1. Poorly Defined Goals:
So what are poorly defined goals? This is when the project goals and objectives of a project are not clearly defined before the project has actually started. This is a major challenge for a project manager, and sadly a common reason why so many projects fail. So unless the ‘what’s,’ ‘whys’ and ‘when’s’ of the project are explicitly stated, then the project manager and team will be faced with chaos and confusion.

2. Lack of Leadership:
Poor project leadership is the result of project leader that does not see the ‘big picture’ opportunities, and does not listen to other people. A lack of leadership skills will result in people getting demotivated and eventually reduce their work performance. So it’s important that a project manager has a clear vision of what the business case opportunity is, and equally must then be able to inspire and motivate those around them to reach their goals.

3. Inadequate Communication
The project cannot be delivered successfully if there is poor communication. Communication and oral skills are both essential for a successful project manager, who will also increase morale by establishing clear expectations. Thus, overcoming the challenge of inadequate communication helps to establish good teamwork, it empowers individuals to be more responsible, and it allows the project manager to focus on the project deliverables more confidently.

There are of course many more challenges that a project manager must overcome when managing a project. However, I believe these would be in most peoples top 5 of the key challenges that would need to be overcome.

Let me know if you agree with me?

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