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  • The Essential Knowledge and Skills for Developing Yourself as a Leader. 
  • An inspiring leadership program based on the ELEVATE framework.
  • A Bespoke Mentoring program to enhance your leadership, management and communication skills.​​
  • Easy-to-implement strategies for improving your soft skills
  • Video course that covers the end-to-end process from project start-up to finish

My name is Anthony Francis

With over two decades of experience in both corporate and public sectors, I’ve successfully managed multimillion-pound projects, including serving as Project Director for the British Airways $250m Global IP Solution.

Today, I use this extensive expertise to coach a diverse clients, empowering them to overcome obstacles and achieve rapid results.

Whether you’re seeking personal growth or organisational success, I’m here to provide the support and guidance you need to succeed.

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My mission is clear: to empower Business Managers, Leaders and organisations to achieve excellence and ELEVATE their management skills to new heights. If you’re committed to driving success and ready to take your business to the next level, contact me.

Reach out today and discover how Coaching and Mentoring can unlock the results you’re seeking, and gain the essential knowledge and skills to help make it a success.

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Testimonial - KehindeI wanted to give a huge thanks to Anthony Francis. I connected with him through Roots INSPIRE program in early 2022. I am an experienced Project Manager with 10 years’ experience but was struggling with a stagnant period in my career and development. Anthony was able to engage with me in a relatable way, utilizing his vast toolkit and past to support me in identifying my challenges and planning how to overcome them. I am extremely lucky to have found him through the program, not just for his tangible advice but also his warm and welcoming character. I hope one day I can pay it forward.

Senior Project Manager

Testimonial - Jack Tomlin
Working with Anthony Francis, Head of Project and Facilities Management, culminated in the delivery of a new self-contained, Central London headquarters building at a highly competitive price point.

Jack Tomlin
Partner, Central London Tenant Representation, Knight Frank

Testimonial - Nick IveyAnthony’s Project Management skills and experience were one of the key factors which led to Diabetes UK becoming the sole occupant of the six-storey building, which will serve as the charity’s new headquarters for the next 10 years.

Nick Ivey
Real Estate Partner, Bates Wells Braithwaite

Testimonial - Michael RobertsWorking with Anthony has been brilliant. What I find most beneficial to my needs as an entrepreneur is his focus on breaking down the overall goal into manageable and actionable steps. It’s easy to experience overwhelm when a project may have so many individual aspects and Anthony’s steadfast focus on planning and implementation is invaluable.

Michael Roberts
Creator of The Vegan Body Plan

Testimonial - Stephen J BurkeWe would have no hesitation in recommending Anthony, his understanding of commercial pressures and tight timelines, together with his experience and ability to manage different stakeholders was key to the project’s success.

Stephen J Burke
Client Project Director, Surveying John Burke Associates

Testimonial - KehindeBefore working with Anthony, I tried out a few coaches to see which one’s style suited me. Anthony stood out because he was very organised and professional. I got to see what it would be like working with him, and I was surprised how much I got out of the trial session and how much info he got out of me. Throughout the time we worked together he was supportive and focused. I felt better after each session as I had more clarity. I achieved my objective from our sessions. I highly recommend him. I will be using him again when next I need a coach.