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Ready to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level and Achieve Remarkable Success?

As a seasoned Leadership Coach, I offer personalised one-on-one and group coaching sessions tailored to ambitious leaders and organisations dedicated to personal and professional growth.

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Who Can Benefit from Business Coaching & Mentoring ?

As a seasoned Project Management Professional with over two decades of experience in both private and public sectors, I’ve transitioned into providing Leadership Coaching and Mentoring for both aspiring and seasoned business leaders.

Since 2019, I’ve founded Think It Plan It Do It Now! to guide managers at all levels toward mastering the art of leadership excellence.

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Business Mentoring


Big dreams, unfulfilled goals?

Do you want to …

  • Set Goals & Achieve Them
  • Develop Your Career
  • Avoid Distraction & Procrastination
  • Grow Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Address Lack Of Motivation
  • Think It Plan It And Do It

Mentoring is a topic that has always existed, but until recently was thought to be more of an ad hoc occurrence than a structured learning opportunity.

A mentor assists individuals to create a long-term plan of where they would like to focus their career path and helps them to develop their professional abilities and also overcome challenges they may face.

The importance of a mentor can be invaluable for ensuring the mentee gets to realise their full potential, benefiting the individual personally and their organisation as a whole.

Mentoring can be of such value and importance, that its effectiveness on the individual can be life changing.

That is why my mentoring programs, based on over 20 years’ experience can help you to the next level.

Business & Project Management Coaching

Project Management Coaching

Not getting results you want?

Are You Looking to …

  • Improve Project Team Accountability
  • Motivate & Inspire Teams
  • Navigate Conflict in Teams
  • Improve Sponsor Support
  • Achieve Better Partner Engagement
  • Think It Plan It And Do It

Are you a Business Manager or Leader looking to enhance your career through coaching or mentoring? Managing individuals, teams or company projects can be exhilarating yet overwhelming.

From navigating internal and external stakeholders to overseeing milestones, risks, and revenue, the challenges can seem daunting.

With my guidance, you’ll not only gain increased confidence in your abilities but also master the art of effective team management and decision-making.

Whether you’re new to  Business Management or seeking to further develop your Leadership skills, I’m here to help.

As your coach, I provide a confidential and collaborative space to explore options and solutions, guiding you toward success.

Ready to unlock your full potential and propel your career to new height, contact me today to learn more.

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