Top 10 Tips For Achieving Your Goals.

by | Dec 10, 2018

1. Be Passionate – People rarely commit to things that they don’t enjoy doing or are not passionate about. So, make sure that whatever goals you set for yourself, they are ones that will motivate you to get up in the morning to want to see through.

2. Believe in yourself – Remember that the only person standing between you and your goal, is yourself. So, it’s important that you believe in yourself and your abilities in whatever you set out to do.

3. Take action – The title of my book is Think It, Plan It, Do It Now! Not Think It Plan It Do It Later. So, I hope by reading it, will enable you to take real action to achieve your goals.

4. Don’t be a perfectionist – Nothing is perfect, there will always be room for improvements that can be made. So, don’t let waiting for that ‘moment’ be the reason you fail to take action on your goals.

5. Meditate – How many times have you found answers to questions when your mind is relaxed? We live in an age where we have information overload. So, take time to relax and calm your mind, so you can tap into your unlimited potential.

6. Brainstorm – You’ve possibly used this technique in a workplace setting. But getting a sheet of paper and simply starting with a heading, let your unconscious mind explore and list down the ideas that come to you.

7. Read, listen & learn – It is likely that whatever you would like to achieve with your goals, that someone has already accomplished it. So, take inspiration from their stories and journeys. Read motivational books, listen to podcasts and recordings, and in the process become the person you want to be.

8. Be determined – Achieving a goal is not always easy. It will require sacrifices, and you will experience both highs and lows along the way. However, it’s being able to stick with it when the going gets tough, and by being determined to see through what you started, that will get you your goal.

9. Be open-minded – We don’t know the answer to all the questions. So, when setting out on your goals, you’ve got to be open-minded that the direction you set course for may not be the best one. Be open to that, and don’t take it personally.

10. Cooperation – You’ve heard the term two heads are better than one. Never be afraid to seek advice and help from others. You will be surprised where that advice can take you if you ask and seek help.

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