Project Manager Team Checklist

by | Aug 6, 2021

Building A Project Team

It is fair to say that one on the most important tasks for a Project Manager is to build and maintain a dynamic team. It is likely that if you can put together a solid team environment in which you have established a positive identity, based on relevant skills, knowledge, contacts and personality, then this would help to reduce the amount of effort and time it takes to manage them.

To help in this I have created a simple Project Manager Check List, which will allow 5 Key Questions to be answered, to help in building a project team.

Project Manager Checklist

  1. Do my team members know one another? Yes/No
  2. Do they know how their roles fit together? Yes/No
  3. Do they respect one another? Yes/No
  4. Is there agreement to the standards to which they will hold one another accountable? Yes/No
  5. Do they acknowledge and respect my role as project manager? Yes/No

The above will be the start in 1. Putting the team together, 2. Getting the project started, and 3. Developing a team identity.

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