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It doesn’t matter if it’s your business or personal life we all make mistakes.

The question is what will we do about it?

A lot of the time it’s about our mindset, yes the area that is always mentioned but the one that many of us don’t learn that much about due to misinformation.

A simple example of mindset is whether you see a glass as half empty or half full? 

With personal improvement this can also be a challenge to our mindset. For example how do you respond if you fail at an interview, or if your performance review at work isn’t as good as you expected?

How do you react if given negative feedback, or if the project you’re managing fails? what personal actions will you take?

A lot of the time the answers to the above can be found in what actions we do or don’t do to improve.

The simple answer is if you do nothing, then you’re more likely to make the same mistakes again.

It’s why professional sports individuals and teams have coaches, not only to work on their game but also on their mindset, to help them improve and minimise future mistakes were possible.

When I working in project management, you were encouraged to review the lessons learnt report before starting a new project.

The fact is we are not perfect so we all need help with improving in different areas. In business the framework for business excellence is listed below, have a look at it and ask yourself where do I need improvement?

If you or your organisation would like to more about how my business excellence framework, coaching and mentoring can contribute to improvements in your business success, then click on the link in my bio, or send me a DM to arrange a call to find out more.

1.   Leadership

2.   Customers

3.   Knowledge

4.   Processes

5.   Strategy

6.   People

7.   Results

Business Excellence Framework.


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