Q: Did You Know That Performance = Potential – Interference?

by | Feb 27, 2023

Or to put it another way, without interference, performance would equal potential. There is a variety of forms of interference, including: lack of skills and knowledge, lack of motivation, frustration, and conflict to name but a few.

However, it was Timothy Gallwey’s simple yet powerful definition that performance (p) is equal to potential (P) minus interference (I), or p = P — I. That makes us see how performance can be impacted.

Individuals and teams can both benefit from this definition. Therefore, the question arises: what are the key detractors or interferences in our teams that need to be eliminated?

If performance is discussed in a conversation, I encourage people to decide whether too much interference is the problem or if the focus should be on developing a team or individual’s potential. Those points can provide team leaders with a starting point for intervention.

Coaching also plays an important part in developing performance as it can:

·     Fine tune skills and actions
·     Help clarify goals and develop action plans
·     Assist in the developing steps to achieve long term strategic plans
·     Enables  the individual to work through their challenges
·     Provide a collaborative and solution focused approach
·     Is individual and results focused.

For me processes don’t execute projects, people do, and if you or your organisation would like to more about how my business excellence framework, coaching and mentoring can contribute to your business success, then click on the link in my bio, or send me a DM to arrange a call to find out more.

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