Do You Know The 5 Ways To Motivate And Inspire Your Project Team?

by | Aug 19, 2021

The one thing I take away from my career in Project Management, is that it’s not Project Management that’s important it’s People Management.  

Project Management methodologies don’t implement projects, people do. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re a senior Project Director managing a £100M project, or someone managing their first project with a small team, the principle is the same, it’s the people not the process that implements the project.

That’s why as a Project Manager more than ever before, it’s vital to learn how to win over people’s cooperation, especially within your own project team.

So how can you do this? The answer is with motivation and inspiration. By the time you finish reading this article, you’ll know 5 ways to motivate and inspire your project team to work with and support you to achieve the goals of your project.

  1. Share in the sacrifice. 

In today’s fast and digital world, we now live in it’s easy to send messages here and there or allocate a task in a Gantt Chart and think it will be done. With project management tools like Trello, Wrike and Asana to name but a few, at the click of a mouse you can assign and communicate assignments without having to talk with anybody. However, If you want people to go the extra mile and sacrifice their time and effort, then you should also be prepared to lead from the front by sharing in that sacrifice by leading from the front and doing so yourself.

  1. Appeal to their emotions. 

The term the carrot and stick are commonly used when trying to get people to do things and can be effective.  However, people are also motivated by-positive emotions like excitement, pride, a sense of belonging, and the thrill of achievement. So, it’s important to demonstrate and communicate the benefits and the bigger picture ‘why’, that you’re all in this together, and make it a real team effort, and to celebrate each milestone goals as the project progresses.

  1. Limit the amount of time or effort that you’re asking for. 

Yes, when in employment we are paid to work 9-5 five days per week. However, we all know that in the ‘real’ world ‘life’ things happen, so as a Project Manager recognise that and if requiring staff to work late be flexible and ask team members to work late work one night or even every night for a week than to expect them to work late indefinitely. It’s important in such circumstances to be realistic with your requests.

  1. Give people multiple reasons for doing what you want them to do. 

Another example of why Project Management is People Management comes when you’re having to explain reasons for wanting team members to do something. We often hare reasons like “If we don’t get this project completed on schedule, then we’ll lose the contract.” But the best reason of all is always personal. So, if possible, give your team extra days of or even a small token of appreciation like a team meal out, or even talks about something as intangible as the camaraderie that comes from having achieved something important together. Either way it’s important to make it personal.

  1. Be the change you want to inspire. 

A well-used cliché is ‘you should always lead from the front’. That maybe easier said than done. However, what’s more important in inspiring others in your team is your reputation, your character, and your behaviour more than anything else. Inspiration involves changing the way people think and feel about themselves so that they want to take positive actions.

It’s not about saying but doing, so if you really want to get the best out of others you must also be able to demonstrate and be the change you want to inspire.

Quick Win Action. 

Praise and recognition go a long way, so take time out now make your team feel valued especially in front of their peers by introducing either a weekly or monthly ‘initiative award’ for the individual who suggest the best idea that benefits the project. The award could be vouchers for a meal out, it doesn’t have to cost a lot, as it’s the thought that counts.

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