5 Things You Need To Know When Managing A Project.

by | Aug 4, 2021

For a Project Manager, managing a project isn’t easy, as there are a number of moving parts that need to be carefully coordinated if you are to be successful in meeting your project deadlines.
Below, I have highlighted 5 things you need to know when managing a project.

  1. Clarity

Who may have heard this many times before but it’s essential as a Project Manager to have real clarity on the nature of the project you are working on. You see Project Clarity enables you to understand the purpose and the specific outcome of the project you are working on. This is essential as without it many individual and business project become confused and therefore fail to meet their overall objectives.

  1. Strategy

Today projects are managed by different kinds of methodology. So in order to successfully plan and implement a project you have to first develop a clear Strategy that defines the actions either you and your project team are going to take. This is important as it will help you identify the necessary tools or additional resources required, and what should be prioritised to achieve the desired goals.

  1. Growth Tactics

Once started projects become dynamic undertakings. Despite best efforts of a Project Manager there will be unforeseen events that will impact the project as it progresses. There will be the need to mitigate risks, delivery times may slip, etc. So you need to ensure you adapt project growth tactics that enable you to see the big-picture, so that you can adapt and change to ensure you still meet your critical deadlines.

  1. Skills

Managing a project requires a number of different skill sets. These include but not limited to leadership, organisation, time management, interpersonal and communication to name but a few. These skills are essential if you are to effectively communicate, influence, negotiate and think strategically during the project.

  1. Insight

Last but not least, as previously mentioned projects are dynamic, this means it’s important to maintain an overall project business insight that combines both data and analysis to increase your understanding of any situations as they arise, which may result in some competitive advantage for either you or your organisation.

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