5 Skills A Project Manager Needs

Aug 9, 2021

Managing a project as a Project Manager is a challenging undertaking. It requires several skills that don’t fit all people. To help provide an insight into this I have listed below the 5 skills I believe a Project Manager needs for success.

1.  Strategic Planning Skills. A strategic plan defines a project’s goals, visions, and missions. As a project manager you need to understand the long-term objectives of the project, aligning and scheduling present and future work as well and mitigating for risks.

2. Decision-Making Skills. For a project manager decision making skills can be the difference in making a choice that improves your project or causes it to fail. It is therefore vital that you have the aptitude to make decisions which portrays your ability to think objectively and relates concepts to the goals you’re trying to reach.

3. Negotiation Skills. A project manager is that person in a project who negotiates with all different stakeholders daily to bring the best possible result for the business. This will typically involve negotiation agreements with the stakeholders, team members and project partners. Therefore it’s vital that you are able to analyse, strategise, persuade, and communicate effectively.

4. Communication Skills. For a Project Manager communication is another key to ensuring the project becomes a success. Whether it concerns delivering business goals to team members or having a one-on-one conversation. Being a good listener, speaking clearly, and concisely, asking relevant questions are all essential for project management success.

5. People Management Skills. People management skills also known as soft skills, are the skills that can determine how your team, your management and project partners will interact with you. They will help to manage conflict, motivate your team, improve morale and increase productivity. You are going to work closely with many individuals who have completely different personalities, so it’s important to find an approach to each one of them without losing the bigger picture of the project.

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