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Life doesn’t change by chance, but by the changes we make in life

Areas I Can Help You Succeed

Career Development

Whether you are looking to grow your project career in your existing company or looking to change company, or even the type of work you do, I can help you identify how best to do it and support you through the process.

You may already be successful project manager, or in a new project role and find your new responsibilities challenging and need an experienced project management coach to help you be successful.

Self Confidence

Having self confidence issues can be impact your ability to perform and sometimes lead to procrastination. Most people have these feelings at some point in their life and are often routed in limiting self-beliefs and assumptions.

I will work with you to identify these beliefs and assumptions that stop you achieving your goals – modifying them into positive beliefs.

Work / Life Balance

An imbalance between work and life can lead to stress, unhappiness, health issues and have significant impact on you, family and friends. Often caused by assumptions that you need to over work which then cloud the ability to find a way out.

I will help you challenge these assumptions which will lead to a better life balance, less stress and happier life.


Being a leader means you are already successful however often comes with stresses and challenges with the unrelenting demands and objectives that come with the role. You may be in a leadership role for the first time and learning that leadership requires a different set of behaviours and skills.

Having spent many years working in senior leadership roles, I am very familiar with these challenges. I can provide an external, non-judgemental view and provide support to you to make you even more successful.

Changing Direction

You know you want to do something different but can’t seem to get started through fear, procrastination or something else stopping you – coaching can help root out what is holding you back. For many people wanting change can be at best difficult and at worst over-whelming.

Whether it is giving up a job to starting your own business, finding the time to start something new or give up the security you already have – I can help you unearth the real issues holding you back and reframe your thinking to be more positive thereby contributing to a successful change.

Planning & Implementation

You have the goal or idea, but don’t know how to properly plan or implement it. It’s a fact that the most common reason for failure to achieve an individual or business goal is a lack of proper planning and implementation.

There is the saying ‘nobody plans to fail they fail to plan’. I have extensive experience in both planning and implementation, to help you to initiate, plan and implement your goals or projects successfully.

No Matter How Successful You May Already Be or Whatever Your Goal, Everyone Can Benefit From Coaching

A great coach not only inspires but supports and encourages others to great results

Richard Schuy

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