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Your new to Project Management and want to develop it further or perhaps your about to start a new six-figure project and want do so without stress and overwhelm.

With over 30 years in the business project world, as your coach, I can help you achieve the project business outcomes and success that you seek.

Have Big Plans But Not Getting Results?

Anthony Francis
  • Stronger leadership and management
  • More strategic focus
  • Starting up a new project but overwhelmed?
  • Looking to engage, motivate & inspire your team?
  • Need to improve your profile?
  • Looking to get more accountability from your project team?
  • Increase sponsor and partner engagement?

I take on a limited number of private clients every year. If you are project or programme manager or SME business committed to making your project a success, and you’re ready to act then enquire now.

Are you looking to improve your project management performance or start up a new project venture? Navigating today’s complex and challenging business environment can be daunting. As a professional coach and having worked for over 30 years in the project business world, I can help you get clarity and purpose towards achieving success.

Working with you, I will help you create clear goals, and discover your options for change and actions. I will challenge you to think beyond what may be comfortable and help you to address self-beliefs that are limiting your ability to achieve success. You will need to bring enthusiasm, drive, and commitment to drive the necessary changes that will lead to the success you seek.

Perhaps you have everything under control, but you want to drive some change through your project management career, or become more efficient but don’t know how to achieve this. Whether you are wanting to develop your project management skills, or take them to the next level, – coaching will help you get results and reach success.

Unlike many business coaches that use generic coaching techniques, and focussing on changing the way you feel to drive outcomes, I bring many years of experience growing and managing successful projects and programmes. This enables me to bring specific project management business knowledge to our coaching sessions which ultimately will make them more effective and successful.

My focus is helping Project Managers take their career to the next level with proven best-practices, knowledge, systems and processes, many of which are often too complex and difficult to implement without proper coaching and mentorship.

It is no coincidence that many of the top leaders such as Bill Gates (Microsoft founder and former CEO), and Eric Schmidt (Google former CEO), know the power of coaching.  Take a look below at my videos on the 5 Steps To Increase Business Performance and 5 Key Skills for Project Managers to learn more.

No Matter How Successful You May Already Be or Whatever Your Goal, Everyone Can Benefit From Coaching

Coaching is unlocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is more often helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

John Whitmore, author, and founder of the GROW model of coaching, Coaching for Performance, 2010

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